Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Home Theater

Installing a home movie theater can be a tantalizing and adventures process for those who have technical hands. Additionally, installing a home theatre does not require some special rocket science genius to do it right. As long as the right instructions are followed, the process can be done to achieve optimum results for home users. Unfortunately, this is not always the ideal situation on the ground because many goofs are made in the process of installing home theaters. That is why this discourse seeks to highlight and correct some of the common goofs that accompany the installation process of home theaters.

Goof number one: Component selection

This is one of the common areas where many home theater lovers get it wrong. They usually buy the wrong things in the wrong order. For instance, it is advisable that you buy the right speakers first and then go ahead and select the right and matching receiver later. But as simple as it may sound, most folks get carried by the “salient features” of receivers and buy it first before even casting an eye on the kind of speakers that the receiver will work with.

Goof number two: Getting the wrong gear for the right room

It is always good to buy a theater gear that will fit the right place or rather your house. Most guys get excited about this “big thing” that they have just landed and are carried by their electrifying and rocking thunders that it will release into the atmosphere of their house .However, before selecting a gear and installing it, you need to make sure that you have speakers and an amplifier system whose strength is proportional to the size of the room that you intend to use it in. Don’t buy a gear that will be installed in a room that is too big for it and then you end up with some mere “whispers”. If you must err, then err on the right side of the coin where the system is too strong for the room because then you can adjust everything downwards.

Goof number three: Mismatched components

This is another common area where many people goof. The kind mismatch here is usually in buying an amplifier that is, for instance at level one in the scale of quality and then combine it with speakers that are at level four in the same scale. It is always advisable to buy components that are within same scale of capacity and quality so that they are matched properly. It will not work well for you to buy a $7,000 amplifier system and (mis)match it to a speaker system costing $700.

Goof number four: Not attending to room acoustics

This is another common area that most home theater users fail to address properly. It is not enough to buy the correct system and neither is it enough to install them properly. The room where the system will be used also matters. Many of the users do not address issues that have to do with the hardness of their floors. Additionally, they fail to address echo issues on their wall surfaces while installing the system and end up with over 50% of the sound being reflected back by hard wall and floor surfaces.

Goof number five: Failing to clear objects in front of the speakers

This is another common goof. Do not place tables and other low objects in from of the home theater system. This ends up reducing the quality, clarity, and focus of the sound. Make sure that the speakers are placed at the most appropriate height for better sound performance. Make sure that you don’t place speakers in cavities in shelves.

Goof number six: A screen that is too big for the room

Big pictures are good. But when they are too big for a smaller room, they lose detail, black level, contrast, and brightness. Make sure that you choose a display screen size that you can watch properly without losing any of these components listed above.

Goof number seven: Failing to address visuals distractions

Using light colors on the walls and ceiling of the room is another mistake that many home theater lovers make. In the end, the broom becomes lighted the wrong way when bright movie segments are on. Additionally, speakers that have high gloss finishes reflect screen light and bring about distractions.

Goof number eight: Using a video display that is too high

Most people install their system in manner that put the display too high. This makes it stressful to enjoy the theater because you need to tilt your head. Make sure that the screen height is just high enough to watch and also not too low.

Goof number nine: Making modifications on the speakers

This is a common mistake that many home users make. But quite obviously they forget that the manufacturer of the speakers knows the capacity of their products too well and if they knew that the speakers needed those modifications they would have included them in the original product. For instance, many users like adding tweeters on the original tweeters instead of boosting the range of the main speakers by some few dB.

Goof number ten: Failing to integrate HDMI

The quality of moving digital signal from one device to another will greatly affect the overall quality output of the home theater system. Using HDMI is the best quality available for this function and it is always advisable that you use it when installing your home theater.