How to Connect Your Home Movie Theater to a Computer LAN

How to Connect Your Home Movie Theater to a Computer LAN

There are many ways of enriching your home theater experience. One of them is connecting it to a computer LAN in order to enlarge and broaden your enjoyment of the home theater. With new technology in the market, you can now get your system connected to a computer network at a more affordable cost.

Before going on with your plan, you need to factor in the restrictions imposed by your ISP(Internet Service Provider).This is because most of them can be very restrictive and may not allow some kind of server connections in their terms and conditions as per your agreement with them. They can either disconnect you or charge you more.

But how can you go around this and still enjoy an internet connection on your home theater system? Read on below to find out how you can do that.

Wireless Options

wireless-media-player.edit-jpgThe good side of wireless connections is that they are fast coming down in the rates they charge, compared to the fixed wire systems. You can simply construct a home data network by adding a wireless access point to the network.By adding a PC card, you can get your system on line by plugging into standardized PC card slots or by using USB-based adapters. Many modern appliances use the 54 Mbps wireless standard while a handful of them use a better version that is more suitable for videos which conforms to the 802.11n standard and they can do up to 300Mbps.

Satellite Connection

If you have a satellite connection, you can still use it as another root to get your system on line. You simply need a high speed internet modem placed anywhere on the network.Additionally, this kind of modem can act as a router if you want to install more than one device to your network hence the need for a router is totally eliminated.

Phone lines

Another tool you can use to do the connection is by use of phone lines. You can use phone lines to send signals from one room to another. Some networking systems use higher frequencies on the cables to send data while allowing you to continue using the phone and watch video simultaneously. This connection pathway is based on the (HPNA) Phoneline Networking Alliance standards.

Use electrical cables

Thus is another transmission and connection option that you can take advantage of .You need to use low-cost appliances that adhere to the HomePlug AV standard. This is a standard networking protocol for Ethernet connections through AC power cables. With this channel, you can get decent speeds of up to 200 Mbps though they are based on the location of the device on the network and what you are watching at any given moment of time


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